Chuck LePlant

Past Games

What's home to us all if not planet Earth, let's keep it clean and green. Help your friend, the space engineer, cleaning out the space debris and throwing it into the Sun!
You've end up in a parallel universe where the light is only propagated with the sound.
Super Pintxo es el héroe local. Amanece otro día en Guipuzkoa y se dirige a salvar a ciudadanos en peligro y a rescatar gatitos. Todo va bien...¿O no? Super Pintxo ya no quiere ser "Super".
Mother Kiwi just died, it's now your job to guide her babies to salvation. Draw their path out of their pit of doom.
Eyo is an empathic eyeswifter candoborian, from the planet Candobor. Guxano has stealed all the eyes from all candoborians, he wants to chase him and recover them.
Asylum is a third person shooter with a from-above perspective. You start in an abandoned asylum. You need to find the exit, indicated by a small green light. Your heartbeats are represented by a flashlight, that you need in order to see a damn thing! Also, you are POISONED! So be quick and find the exit before you die! There are some health packages around the asylum, so make sure you find them!! If this was not enough, the place is infested with bloody puking zombies! Because they never go out of trend. Have fun!