Past Games

Collect the gems / to charge your beam / and make the world feel whole again. Open Your Heart is an exploratory PICO-8 game about being a magical girl, and using your gems to save the world.
A heartwarming visual novel about coming out your family as transgender.
娘さんの誕生日を作りたかったけど。。。20秒で修復しなきゃ! You wanted to make a cake for your daughter's birthday but... you have 20 seconds to fix it!
You met Cherry through the roleplay community, where you take on roles of different characters you've created and create collaborative stories with strangers on the Internet.
Humans use their senses (sight, sound, touch) to perform tasks in VR, but what if it was split across three players?
"You hold a crinkled letter. The paper is yellowed, delicate.
Mr. Clauthe is ruining your experience at the interactive drive-in theater! Travel through movie history and take him out so you can return to your regular scheduled programming.
Bedtime: A Space Odyssey is a point-and-click adventure and what happens when a little girl named Winnie falls asleep and goes on adventures that are out of this world! Our inspiration behind this game was our own vivid memories of childhood dreams and explorations, and, at the end of the day, being a part of a loving and caring family - the heartbeat of a child's world. We wanted to create a game where the player is exploring a new world, much like a child, and goes through the same emotions and excitement that Winnie does!