Chelsea Sch.

Past Games

Hilarious puzzle/mystery game in which the player attempts to locate a lost cow for a guy who is hiding in a shed, so he’ll be willing to unlock the gate for you.
Cosmic Moon is a 3d puzzle/platformer where a tiny innocent robot must fix a big scary world.
Survive the Thanksgiving long weekend at your family home. The table is set, the weekend is here, and you're probably going to murder each other.
A little short on cash? No problem! With a card reader, your new friends at the local mall (and their chip-enabled cards), and a small tap, you too can be a little less Tapped for Cash!
Super Sand Castle Building Simulator Defender Extreme: Beachside Boogaloo is a traditional tower defense game in which you face literal waves of enemies.
It’s messy work, cleaning up after other people’s rituals, but at least the pay is terrible.