Past Games

You're an alcoholic priest trying to save the word from a demonic invasion, if you drink fireball you can shoot fireballs, but at the cost of your health - no problem though, drinking holy water
Get treasure to the bottom of the map by building walls to guide fluid and detonating bombs to release fluid
An epic battle for wifi transmission supremacy.
Praise be, ESC - Level select/highscore menu/pause, Left mouse - Full thrust, Right mouse - Half thrust, F1 - Fullscreen, F4 - Quit, Collect all the orbs, don't crash, don't run out of fuel
Something I wanted to start work on for a couple months, GGJ gave me the time/motivation.
Fly your sputnik inspired lander through a small solar system (WASD: Rotate ship, UP: Thrust), stop the alien invasion by destroying all the egg sacks by dropping bombs on them (SPACE).