Past Games

Work, work, work, tedious work, monotonous work, work and work. Are you all about this? There is much more to it than this. Open your eyes!
TL:DR: 4-player couch coop, get your "friends" to leave your house and clean up before your parents come home. --- Homecoming is the story that some of us have lived through multiple
Skully is a 4 player multiplayer game about our boneheaded, slightly injured rolling skull head called Skully.
In the far reaches of space, something terrible has awaken. It wants to destroy our city! Dreadful waves are coming! Luckily, our heroes can operate the SUPER ULTRA ANTI-WAVE MACHINES and defend ou
A local 4 players game featuring two teams of weird looking minions that are trying to summon an ancient deity by mixing wacky ingredients inside a pot at the center of a ritual circle. 4 controlle
Hand crafted stop motion paper art and music including cool fart sounds and awesome character and so creature design and very unique gameplay and surprise ending very shocking!
Don your mask. Explore your cities of memories. Prune your perceptions. Forget in order to grow.
Vibration is the essence of the universe. It emerges, gives power, it is the soul. Enjoy this competitive local multiplayer game with your friend! Grab your controller / keyboard, and try to capture the pulse generators in deep space! Two hotseat players control the pulsars on the space board. Pulsars are emited from the sources, and are controlled by moving them clockwise/counterclockwise. You have to capture the pulse generators to increase your points. The goal is to capture as much pulse generators as possible to beat your opponent. But beware, controlling pulsars becomes harder as you take control of the pulse generators. Also, you have to avoid the pulses emited from the opponent's pulse generators.
Short sir kid is a robot boy knight escaping from an all devouring snake worm. \ \ You use his superior jumping skills to gain speed and get away from the humongous chomping monstrosity. But watch out! If kid get's too excited about his running speed and trick jumps, he will spin out of control. \ \ Use electro shocks to zap some sense into the guy and keep him focussed on the task at hand. We don't want him to drop into one of the many canyons, hit his head or slip and fall victim to the snake worm! \
A game about losing pure emotions and colors in our life. A countdown to extinction of the existance of emotions in mankind.