Past Games

A shaman of immense power sees a dream one day. He should be the richest person on earth to achieve ascension.
Help the survivors to navigate between gravitational bodies in this epic space adventure.
An evil wizard casts a transformation spell which turns you into a dog. In order to become a human again, you have to payoff the wizard.
A puzzle platformer based on colors where hero can by-pass obstacles with different colors. Aim is to find a way to exit. We also developed an Arduino controller for game.
This is a computerized board game where you try to survive the life. It can also be played as a board game. It can even be educational, if the text are replaced with serious entries. How to play is presented at the start of the game. Because we couldnt reached the site, this update is at least 5 hours late. By the end of the jam session, the coding was 100% complete, the textual data is 85% complete and images are around 50% complete. If you wonder about submission time or source code you may check SVN commit time. The official submission is revision 4.
A tower defense game where enemies turns around and around.
A game where jammers jam until extinction.