Past Games

The idea of the game was to keep up with a moving train, manually removing obstacles from the track and repairing problems
Fight other house member to collect the most candy
Guide the stars across the skies!
Control your sine signal!
Tap the different one
Someone just dropped the soap at the county jail showers... What do we do now?? Refrain your player from the temptation of picking up the soap...
Cast fire, water and plant spells and battle a friend on your tablet. Defend your nexus agaist enemy attacks. Instructions: The game must be played on a tablet or large phone screen.
A quickly made HTML5 game made after 2 hours of sleep. You need to stab as many characters as you can in the designated time and collect as many hearts as you can. Be careful with your pulse and try to gather knife power before do the deadly stab.
Try to find the couple member that is cheating.
A puzzle game in which you use a fixed set of pieces to build and rebuil a path for your car. Obtain enough gas to reach new levels!
A painfully slow turtle needs to escape from its extinction, jumping over walls while being chased by hot magma.

Hearty Games