Past Games

As the Necrobotanist, commanding the duality of life and death, raise both plants and the dead to overcome platforming challenges. You've been dying to win the State Fair, or at least your cre
You and another squirrel race to get to the ultimate acorn...that you may have forgotten up there after a rough night. Rough enough, in fact, that the other squirrel beat you to the elevator!
A crabby construction game on the beach. Instructions: Build a home to match the blueprint from sand! Controls: WASD or arrows to move, space to create or destroy blocks. Warning: May induce
Are you ready to step into the Joust Arena?
A vertical-scrolling shooter. Warning: You may experience a bug where you never pass the first level. I apologize. I'll try to put up a bug-free version post-jam.
A text-based room escape game about moods.

Hearty Games