Past Games

THEME: Turtles have dual state: Hidden; Not hidden. Duality of good vs evil; church vs demons.
You play as a Loot Goblin, when an evil hero comes to wreck your sweet sweet Den. Not only he takes your loot, he also kills all of your homie zombies and fallen cousins.
In this game you attempt to make a series of correct life choices in weird situations using only some duck-tape and WD-40.
Nowhere feels like home, where you can play a nice match of boardgames with your family. Or classicly get in an argument and not talk to your sibling for the rest of the day...
Help RadioCat reach his target radio station and transmit himself into the next world of music.
You play as a game jammer who faces a problem, which is quite common in gamejams: wi-fi problems. Game Objective: download a Unity update; Gameplay: fight other game jammers in an all-out energy
About - story <br/> There are two native tribes on this small island. Each tribe has got it’s own outrageous totem god.