Past Games

Look, mommy! It's the PSYCHOKINETIC REPAIR SHOP Broken pots always make people frown. No one likes broken things, right?
Repairing is the art of making things whole again (or, even, for the first time). Often, this happens by matching pairs.
Escolha quais imagens e frases (em áudio) te lembram mais ou te fazem sentir em casa.
* Well, this is my first ever attempt to make a game on my own.
The dogs are up for some cooking in this weird last weekend of January. What could they possibly be aiming for? Who knows...
It hasn't rained for some time now in Brazil. We are out of water!"Cabô a Água!" everybody scream. The indigenous Gods Tupã and Ceuci know what to do.
A child plays on the park, but his mind is away on his fantasy world. His father follows him to protect him, warning him about the real-world obstacles, absent from the child's mind.
Joseph is a badass data security guy. His job is to ensure the terminals data safety. In order to do so, he needs to EXTINCT all the viruses. Sometimes he uses his "Evil Look" to terminate all viruses on the screen, or his "SUDO" ability to restore damaged terminals.

Hearty Games