Callen Shaw

Past Games

VR game where you ride your pennyfarthing around the way, delivering good and bad news to your fickle subscribers. Earn points by playing off the duality of our taste for triumph and tragedy.
You run the lost and found desk at the ball, and Cinderella isn't the only one missing her shoe.
VR game putting you in the shoes of an engineer, frantically trying to keep a submarine from sinking, as pipes burst and fires break out all around you.
VR climbing game where you race up a mountain to get home as quickly as possible. Compatible with most 6DOF VR systems.
Extend the range of your tesla-coil gun and destroy the invading machines with chain lightning!
Fight wave after wave of emoji texts and reply to survive!
A Gear VR game in which the player has to find the exit to the room before the walls close in on them.
Top-down dueling with a twist: Set each other's controls! Try to figure out your controls first and blast your opponent. (2-Player)
Disorder is a game about understanding how altered perception radically complicates even the most simple of puzzles.

Hearty Games