Caliber Mengsk

Past Games

You want to be king? Well, keep the crown, but be careful. If anyone even just grazes you with their touch, you'll get scared and throw the crown, loosing your right to kinghood!
Oh, Noes! You and some of your friends where exploring and got trapped in Crazy old man Kirkpatrick’s Dilapidated bunker. The door slammed shut and locked you in.
A ball that just wants to get to it's home..... the hole........ but it's never the right hole. WASD/Arrow Keys to move, mouse to rotate view.
Spread the love! Amass your fanbase! Transmit a burst of your love and infect those around you.
Long ago, our home world died in a massive supernova. The Sentient sent our people as pilgrims into the expanses of space to colonize new solar systems and survive their harsh conditions.
In the year 476 CE, the leader of the Ostrogoths, Odoacer, deposed Romulus Augustulus. The Western (Roman) Empire and the Eastern (Byzantine) Empire were driven even further apart.
I top down tap adventure. Attack goblins, imps, and demons. Cast ritual spells with the blood of your enemies.
An endless boss game. How do you kill the slime now? Shoot it? Stab it? Jump on it? What do we do now?!
You are sick.You are lost. You are alone. You awake in a decrepit hospital with some kind of illness.
“The Tell Tale Heart”, based off of the short story of the same name by Edgar Allan Poe, has the player desperately searching for beating hearts which are hidden underneath the floor board. In order to do this, the player must use their ears, for as they get closer to the heart, the faster it will beat. However, it is not always that simple for the player will need to find objects and move objects and as well as solve puzzles in order to obtain, and silence, the intensely beating hearts.
At first it seems familiar: You are a snake. You can move in four directions. eating things makes you longer. \ \ Here's the thing: you don't want to be longer. \ \ You have been there-- your coils have spanned the world, held the sun and moon in their twisting tethers. \ \ But now you long to return to normalcy, to balance. \ Your goal is to be the shortest snake possible. Do the unthinkable: bite your own tail, split yourself in two, and shrink down to a more manageable size. But beware! Bite off too big a chunk, and, like a hydra, it may grow a new head, come to life, and wreak havoc on your peaceful world! \ \

Hearty Games