Caitlin Hopwood

Past Games

Be the force that helps the two communities grow. Watch them thrive and flourish in a game where you are the binding factor between them as only you can help transport the resources they need.
You exit a train at the wrong station -- lost, alone, you don't seem to understand what people are saying anymore, and don't know how to get home.
Wispy the Guardian, travels through the dimensions of the Lost and Found.
Sashiko is a meditative sewing game based on the Japanese form of decorative stitching of the same name.
Play as a child who has been trusted with the restoration of priceless art. Make that Monet, a Monyes, and create a collection of fabulous art pieces ready for exhibition.
Bad Neighbors is a competitive lane based defense game that incorporates Collectible Card Game mechanics. You are the prestigious owner of the nicest house on the block.
Support the Fermi Paradox and stop transmissions from reaching earth, but we also don't want earth to blow up!
Competitive disease spreading, just like Medieval times! WSAD to aim, hold space to pull the slingshot back- and release to fire. M shows the map.