Past Games

A short Twine game, playable in any browser. Made on a tablet in a couple of hours. English language, choices only. No sound.
You live a peaceful life as a robot maintenance person in the biggest robot factory, when... A first-person tower defense VR experience.
Home is were your memories are.
a game cover made in less than an hour with a tool we never used before, for #GGJ18 and at the same time for #bitsyjam (theme "midnight")
Bring human race to safety!
Sometimes everybody needs an helping hand. And sometimes this help seems to come from the stars, all of a sudden. Maybe from the hands of a Space "Courier"...
A little Twine adventure made for the #CloneJamSquinky
Italians are very picky about food and they only eat in a specific order. It's a sort of “ritual”.
The 2D Platformer/Jump’n’Run Game starts with a "Game Over" Screen, what do you do now?

Hearty Games