Past Games

A point-and-click adventure where you go out each day, forage what foods you can, and return home. After enough days of collecting food, you make a feast for your friends!
a 4-player party game where robots earn pennies to afford repairing themselves
MOOVING IN is a physics puzzle game where we build a house for ewe. As an ideal estate developer, you must beavery thoughtful!
Life is about sending one message.
A rhythm game of H-O-R-S-E (basketball variation), in which players take turns shooting baskets by matching the beat. The game is played with a custom-built controller: a head-sized basketball with 2 large buttons that the players must pass between each other. The game uses the computer's webcam to take a photograph of each player's face at key moments (such as missing the buzzer beater).
This game is an autobiographical account of an incident that the game developers found themselves in some time ago. It's possible to save yourself before having to call the ambulance, or before being taken to the hospital. Not knowing how to deal with a situation can be very costly.
rotate to navigate through the universe within... \ \ . \ \ \
You are a Bull Fighter competing in the running of the bulls, you must avoid being gouged by the Raging bull in Pampoloma, Spain. Use your cape, keep your distance, and trick El Toro Furioso to become the Master Matador.

Hearty Games