Past Games

A lost adventurer tries to survive the threats below the surface. Find weapons in the way and search for a exit.
Somehow the paramedics team managed to launch the hurt patients from the windows of a burning building. Your goal is to catch them in mid-air, avoiding all the obstacles on the ground.
Make a paper plane fly to the trash.
You must sacrifice as much people as possible and take them inside the Vulcan in the available time to double your points.
Welcome jammers and visitors to the best bloody & funny flash game of Global Game Jam 2013!!! Our game tells the history of infamous heart aliens which has been turned each earth human in a slave condition, making them giving food to the fucking baddest baby king who the name we couldn't do any mention... Use the left and righ arrow to control the slaves. Pleeeeeeeaaaaseeeeeeee don't let the food fall or take the food so long, because if you can't complete your mission, the baby king will eat our poor friends to maintain himself alive. Anyway, if your soul can't rest in peace anymore after the game finished, you can try again and maybe save the others. And the last advice! The baby isn't much pacient... So you can use the right top bar to control the king's health, but he can eat the slaves before it arrive to the end. OH MY GOD, they're comming! I need to leave... Good luck in your mission and have a great moment enjoying our work!
Help little Jack to survive as long as possible inside the snake. \ \ You need to collect the food to maintain propulsion and avoid being digested. \ \ Use the mouse to control him. \ \ Good Luck.
The parents of the nerds got together to make a plan to extinguish them: throw women on them to turn them into real men. They're doing this because after that the nerds dominated the world, the birth rate dropped drastically.