Past Games

Use the WASD to select which command you will send to the spaceship, fire them with the spacebar. You have to catch the cow!
The door has been knocked 22 times. The invitation is sent.
Jogo de tabuleiro sobre naufrágio. Os jogadores devem discutir quais decisões tomar para escapar antes que o vulcão entre em erupção e mate todos.
A board game about the battle for the supremacy of ideologies.
Constructs battle for a true heart in this ultimate battle arena... |||||| Controls : Player 1 | A, D - Move Left/Right | Left Shift - Jump | S - Charge Shield | W - Melee Attack | Q - Dash (air ok) | E - Fire Missle ||||||| Controls : Player 2 | J, L - Move Left/Right | Spacebar - Jump | K - Charge Shield | I - Melee Attack | U - Dash (air ok) | O - Fire Missle |||||| PROTIP: We strongly recommend XPadder with two gamepads for maximum playability. |||||| The more you use your special abilities, the more damaging/efficient they become. Be careful though, as overcharging your robot heart will kill you!
You are toys and must cooperate into saving memories from extinction. Being redundant, however, comes at a great price.
A metaphoric search for identity.