Past Games

A point and click game that makes fun of classical Dungeons and Dragons Characters and Scenarios well known by players. Find a way to survive the challenges, for Fame and Glory!
A game based on the concepts of exploration and loneliness. No explanations handed down, no tutorial levels, no HUDs or Tooltips. You are alone.
Traitor Among Us is a multiplayer online game that puts the players inside a house that one of them gained, once they entered the house it´s door shut and locked.
The game is about troubled guy who had a nervous breakdown and wakes up from a coma in a crazy world wich represents his interiour consciousness in form of labyrinth. There he has to look for his memories to find out what happenned to him and what´s going on with his life. O jogo é sobre uma pessoa problemática, que teve um colapso nervoso e acorda de um coma num mundo completamente estranho, que representa sua consciência interior, em forma de labirintos. Nos labirintos ele tem que procurar suas memórias para descobrir o que aconteceu com ele e o que está acontecendo com a vida dele.