Past Games

After waking up in a strange room with no memory of who they are, the player must discover the horrifying and intriguing secrets to their identity.
Genre: 2D Platformer / Beat em up / Protect the queen
This is a visual novel based on a true story. It's my own personal adventure through Global Game Jam 2019.
Collect Dogecoins. You have 3 transmissions. Depending on what transmission you use, different enemies may attack you or otherwise behave differently. You must always be transmitting something. Co
This is an asymmetric multiplayer VR / desktop game played on a single computer. A battle of speed and evasion.
Rhythm Game 1. Destroy the cubes before they hit the bottom 2. Hit the keys to the beat 3. You must match the laser to the color and lane of the cube to destroy it 4.

Hearty Games