Past Games

Jump into story books and bring colour back to the worlds inside. You and other players must paint the world and remove the colour from enemies as you make your way through various stories.
Search around for hidden Lovecraftian objects in an underwater coral grotto. What happens when you find all of them and place them on the Cthulhu statue?
Cubimal Racing is a VR game inspired by the wonderful but sadly dead Flash game "Glitch". Cubimals were collectible wind up toys found in the game.
Groom a poodle in the comfort of your own kitchen.
A library of interactive books that you can open up and pull images into your world. All of the art was created in Oculus Medium.
After ten long years, today is the big day! Helpful Kevin, the Bunker Co. customer service representative, will be your guide as you make your transition into the new world.
Use toys and objects to interact with little pet slimes.
An Oculus Rift and Leap Motion experience where you joust against computer controlled knights in a tournament.
Get in and out of the dragons lair with as much treasure as you can. Make sure you don't make too much noise! If the dragon wakes up, you're as good as dead. (Probably actually dead)
Use the Leap Motion input device to fly around a mushroom forest rescuing your lost hatchlings. Tilt your hand to maneuver left, right, up and down. Pull your hand back to slow down, push your hand forward to speed up. Collect all of the missing hatchlings to win!

Hearty Games