Boaz Havron

Past Games

The story of SLAYING BOTH SIDES is set in a fictional universe in which home appliances and pets have dangerous conflicts with each other. The game's stage is a battlefield: Home appliance and p
Plot Synopsis: AHOY! You are one of the famed pirate doggo Captains of old, The infamous GOLD RETRIEVER!!
Welcome to Aithin's Ascension! You play as Aithin in his recently crashed ship. Stranded on floating islands, you must collect your scattered ship parts in order to escape.
Tetris meets SimTower - Assemble your skyscraper while it sinks (and pollutes the oceans), but do not forget to take the resident behavioral obsessions into consideration!
I an alien - I in transit - Other aliens think they should pass first - I SHOW THEM. In this one-button brawler, aliens jump to generate waves that will send other aliens' over the edges.
Run from hell and reach the exit in a 5x5 tile based game, but be careful not to follow the same route twice