Past Games

Use WASD and SPACE to navigate Styrax through the deep, while you seek out parts to repair the submarine you so delicately crashed into a coral reef.
Tetris meets the Sims meets a shark... What? The residents of Infinite Condo wants to do things. These wants are fulfilled by visiting certain rooms.
In the far future of 21XX, two biotechnically cyber-enhanced childhood friends try for their escape from the MegaBrain testing facilities.
You play as Flag Bot, a bot with flags! Wave your flags to help your friend, Move Bot, get to the goal.
2-4 players play DEAD GODS, attempting to be RESSURECTED through having OCCULT RITUALS performed in their name by members of THE CULT.
You play as a patient with split personality disorder in a mental institute. There is a power out which disables the security system, and the door to your room is now open.
This game is set in the 15th century, and as the protagonist your main goal is to reattach your head to your own body. You play by moving the character with the 'W' button and rotating wi