Past Games

A huge spaceship is about to be blown up to bits. As a player, you need to escape in 20 seconds by building a small ship.
Bullship is the journey that demonstrates all the shit the game developer heard from his ex girlfriends. The ship must pass from each lighthouse to hopefully get to home.
Save people before the portal shuts down and planet crushes.
By jumping with other peaople, save the earth from getting destroyed by meteors. Each player selects a side of the world: west, east, north or south.
The Boss character of this game is busted by a hero while he's busy with his daily rituals and must escape from his pursuer.
Kontinto was very young, when she run away from her parents. She escapes into night, but there comes across a witch who places a curse on her.
The adventure of a cute little kiwi which gradually realises that the world it sees is not the cute utopia it experiences but a world that is destroyed by itself as the kiwi is actually a terrifiyng m