Blas Ingiulla

Past Games

Antz is minimalistic resource management game where you control an ants colony which is under imminent attack from a neighbor colony by choosing dynamically their roles. Help your colony resist the a
A puzzle game where you must reorder your furnitures and place them on specific locations.
You control a humanoid which controls a droid in space! The humanoid as well as you has a control, the room where he is in!
Joy Wave is a quick reaction game for 2 to 8 players. Try to get as many points as you can by doing the perfect wave with your friends. The team with the best ones is the winner!
Two cults battle to the death performing rituals to invoke demons. Only one cult will survive.
Two friends on bikes are looking for each other in the complex city of Buenos Aires. Help them to meet! Annoying cars, subway stations and moving buildings are waiting for you! We Maze!

Hearty Games