Past Games

~ WINNER of Global Game Jam Austin 2019 "Best Title" ~ Game Description: In 2020, an alien armada descended on the heart of the nation.
Guide your guinea pig through a cholesterol clogged artery, while weakening and collecting germs to develop a delicious vaccine. Take note of your insurance rate. Audio by Bonnie Bogovich (that's me!)
On the left, destroy the frightening and threatening monsters as Grim Blaster. On the right, move the deceived monsters on the right to the bottom so they can be reborn to take on the Grim Blaster once again! Is the game co-op or versus? It's up to you!
In the empty void of space, the Creator Snake creates worlds filled with music, each creation using up a part of himself in the process. Create lush music landscapes, selectively choosing which to let grown and which to devour.