Past Games

Mutancy is a 3D RPG game (atleast, the concept) in which you can swap between mutant and human form. Both forms have advantages and disadvantages, and will change your vision and skills.
In search for your sanity you must travel through an epic dungeon, fighting off the elements. Complete challenges, beat enemies, but be wary of your sanity, it'll be your main resource.
Aliens want to mine the earth for it's resources. Defend the Earth from your cockpit and place tactical defences against the invaders.
Year 3025. Humanity had been extinct for a long time. As a robot mechanic, the government is requiring your service in this period of terrible wars and they won't accept no as an answer.
About: Orbit Singularity is a 2D arcade game about a planet, some satellites and a wonderful concept called orbit.

Hearty Games