Past Games

The year is 2048, the unstoppable juggernaut that is the mobile games industry has reached such heights as to be declared a religion.
Not sure
A 2D platformer puzzle game where the character can only stand on a block when the character is of the same colour. Race the clock to reach the top!
Welcome to the private Sector.A dark, derelict and decaying complex within the bowels of the earth. Once the site of a prestigeous pharmacutical corporation, though the name has been lost to the annals of time. In its place, Flesh, blood and metal, animate and inanimate, litter the halls. These twisted abominations: the product of dark science, conducted with no knowledge as to how...or why. The halls of the private sector pulse with the rhythm of obediant test subjects, the pattern broken often by screams from the detained subjects, and laughs from those who conduct these heinous crimes.The latest of which involved the removal, and reapplication of a human heart. Then the power is cut, one pulse stops, another begins...