Billy Hau

Past Games

2302 AD, Yuuki Takanashi and her faithful robotic companion, D2P6, embarked on a sightseeing trip to explore the newly detected anomaly Y Æ D-36.
We thought about making the game about repairing an AI on a Space Station that is malfunctioning and trying to kill you.
As we grow older, our home is drifting farther and farther away. One day you have a fever and dream that your house is flying away... this is a VR plat former, try to get back into your home!
The player takes on the role of a hacker trying to retrieve a transmitter from a building using their trusty robot. The only catch is, the robot's camera is broken.
Harness the energy of various waves using your blast shield to progress through the level! Controls: Space - Jump (but not very high) (A, D) - Move left and right Left Mouse B
Trials of the Elements is about a young soldier who want to follow is father's footsteps of mastering Earth's Elements and become a Captain of the Earth's Elemental Secret Service. T
WeLast is a cooperative survival game in a world subjected to ever increasing chaos.

Hearty Games