Past Games

There is beauty in the world in many aspects of life, but there is so much in life, things we must do and things we accept, that distract us from seeing it.
The objective of this game is to build your dream house. Players can choose from 4 different locations to build a home.
petroji puts 2 - 4 players in control of a tribe of early humanoids who must communicate using only petroji, a mix between "petroglyphs" and "emoji"/"emoticons." See belo
An ambient puzzle game about choices.
The game is a side-scrolling platforming game. You start out as a hero who witness his father being killed. You grow as a peasant who trains to avenge his fathers death and bring good to the world. As you progress through the stages, you progress in season and in age. At the end of the game you avenge your fathers death and kill the tyrant and become king of the land. But, the tyrant had a son too who trains to avenge his fathers death. The same game would be played, but your goal is to bring evil to the world, not good. Once you kill the king and become a new tyrant ruler, the king's son embarks on the same mission, repeating ad infinitum.