Benjamin van Arkel

Past Games

Race against your friends down the mountain to become the best pair of tummy tumbler around. Each player is given two tumblers, each controlled by a separate thumbstick on the controller.
2nd @ Amsterdam game jam <3 ! Defend your temple against a horde of enemies
You are running.... running away from death... Can you escape?
A totally rad, mad dash of a game in which players (try to) control a performing monkey who's flat out had enough of a life in slavery. Try and guide Mon-Kee past the human inhabitants of an Asian city. Watch out, 'cos if Mon-Kee gets a shot at knocking the block off a human he is sure to take it! And as we all know the police and army don't take too kindly too monkeys taking out humans.
Bazooka Babes From The Future is a fast paced multiplayer platform-shooter. So manly it makes Chuck Norris look like a woman...