Past Games

"kayasa" is a fast-paced, competitive game in which 4 players must jump rope over a quickening heartbeat visualized as a heart-rate monitor blip. Over time, the on-screen heart rate increases speed and becomes more difficult to jump over quickly. Players can sabotage each other by jumping and then crushing down on one another to stun them and keep them from moving for a brief period of time. Typical play sessions last somewhere from 2-10 seconds. *** Note: kayasa requires the use of 4 Xbox 360 controllers in order to play. *** Controls: -Left Analog Stick/D-Pad: Move character- -A Button: Confirm, Jump, Crush down (while in-air)-
"Beat Connection" is a wibbly, windy maze game where two players must find each other by listening to their heartbeats in the map. As the players get closer to each other, the heartbeats get louder and faster. Can you find your partner in the maze?