Past Games

This is game three player game of crystal vs slime vs wizard in a rock-paper-scissors like scenario! -------------------- -Wizard is out to get the crystal and Wins if he gets it.
This is a multiplayer cooperative game about chasing your dreams. You must work together by interacting with the objects around you in order to escape.
There's no time to explain! Your heart is failing, and your only way to survive is to punch your opponent to death. If you don't keep punching, your heart will stop! But don't let your heart rate get too high, because it will EXPLODE! CONTROLS Player 1: Movement: WASD (W is jump) Punch: F Roll: G (Must press a direction with it to roll) Player 2: Movement: Arrow Keys (UP is jump) Punch: . (Period) Roll: / (Slash) (Must press a direction with it to roll) DIFFERENT PUNCHES: Punch = Jab Down + Punch = Uppercut Punch while in the air = Air Kick (Try using it while close to the ground...) Side + Punch = Haymaker (This move can be charged. The longer you charge it, the more you move forward)
Remember when you were a kid at the beach and tired to build a sand castle as the tide came in? Welcome to Sand Castles in the Sand.
You are a light. Fight off the darkness.
Mr. Blub is an quirky, infinite platformer where some objects are solid, and others not so solid. The world is shrouded in mystery (black and white), but brief flashes of insight (color) can reveal the true nature of things.