Past Games

You are chilling in your home, your sweet sweet cradle of filth, when you get a call. It's your girlfriend! See is going to come visit soon, but your house is a mess!
Robots in a factory on Mars. Lasers were a bad idea. Up to 4 players give the Robots input for their movements.
!Grounded is about a teen boy trying to navigate his life. A live full of switching gravity and crates and lasers, so he really hasn't got it easy. But nobody seems to understand.
„Beats for Needs“ is a superfast yet tactical multiplayer-game where two players compete with each other on a single screen. Each player has been given a pet that has three needs to satisfy: Hunger, thirst and, of course, love. By chosing action cards one player can either fulfill the needs of his own pet, or attack the other one making it go sick. (Make it DIE!). Therefore, each player selects one of the three needs (by pushing the yellow, blue or green button on an XBox-typical controller). Next, each player has to chose one of two action cards shown below the needs. Attention! You'll have to chose the card by pressing either the left or the right trigger (of the controller) AND you have to be just IN TIME (listen to the heartbeat!). If your enemy choses the same action card as you did, you better have the better timing, so you can steal and use the action card. (And, of course, if your enemy times better, he'll get the card instead of you!). Note: To use controllers (which is highly recommended) you need to use a Software like joy2key. For best results, map the two controllers like this: Player 1: Yellow need: W-> Yellow button Blue need: S -> Blue button Green need: X -> Green button Left action card: V -> Left trigger Right action card: B -> Right trigger Player 2: Yellow need: 8 (numpad) -> Yellow button Blue need: 5 (numpad)-> Blue button Green need: 2 (numpad)-> Green button Left action card: Arrow Left -> Left trigger Right action card: Arrow Right -> Right trigger Now... have fun!