Past Games

当代人生活节奏快、内卷等产生大量负面情绪,焦虑、愤怒、抑郁、愤怒 等,这些负面情绪会通过影响呼吸、血液、肌肉等多个身体系统,从而主宰着我们的健康。导致免疫系统受损。 而睡眠可以治愈自己,玩家将扮演睡在7号床上的人,清理自己的负面情绪,尽量保持情绪平衡和稳定,可以付出一点代价使用道具适当取悦自己。 祝愿7号床上的人战胜自己的负面情绪,不做情绪的奴隶!
You are a scavenger traveling around different galaxy, your task is to collect the lost treasure located in every galaxy.
Managing family members and resources properly, our family will live forever !! ** This is a strategy game and due to the 48 hours limit, the game balance is not well balanced, I will balance the m

Hearty Games