Past Games

You are a technician whos has to repair a satellite, have to look in the nears satellites and space garbage to find all the pieces , using a hook to move between satellites and space station be caref
Stairway to Home is a multiplayer game where the Player 1 has to build a tower that the other players have to climb to be the first who gets Home, a Home that is so far far up in the sky, using Smartp
Sanzaru es un juego cooperativo basado en la comunicación entre jugadores.
This is the mystical quest of Fabio, a lone shirtless saxophone player that its looking inside art itself to find the perfect wave, to heal some broken hearts and to guide you to the time of your life
Joseph traiciono a sus amigos y Dios para castigarlo lo obliga a hacer rituales. El juego es 2D y Joseph debe cumplir incesantemente con la voluntad de su señor!
El jugador toma el lugar de un ritualista, deberá mezclar en su caldero diferentes tipos de runas a para crear un ritual específico a partir de una pista.
This game is all about cooperative gaming, Migue and Ramona care a lot for each other, but suddenly Migue falls into a cave.
A very sad and lonely robot lies on a dumpster in a forgotten city. He wants to be able to escape from there, to be happy, to live...

Hearty Games