Past Games

"It's the only thing that slowly stops the ache..."
Jogue com o exército de gerações dos seus antepassados carregando suas forças e falhas com características geradas a partir da sua data de nascimento.
Al-Masih is a pixel art roguelite-like non-procedural game where the player controls a supreme being who is regreted for the world he created.
In an intergalactic portal, aliens seek to return to their home or find a new planet to call home.
Deedy is a space DJ who travels through galaxies in her spaceship looking for musical notes.
DarkDemon executed the perfect evil plan: to invade a cooking TV program, to take the place of the presenter and to mislead all spectators teaching a fake recipe whose result is invoke demons creating
Icuruzin is an unlucky boy. And he discovers that the hard way. Now you have to help him to leave with style from a embarrassing situation and save his girlfriend from seeing a bad image of him.
Its a game that the player have to solve puzzles. Based on the thema of this year, the history is based on the view-point of each character of the game, and transporting itens between them.