Past Games

Play games. Do crimes. Save art. Restoration Raid is a stealth multiplayer game about robbing a museum of all it's ill-gotten exhibits!
Play as a crow with an eye for all things shiny help an old lady find her long lost treasures.
Spent the jam mentoring others so I couldn't make a full game. Instead, I made a micro-mechanic demo! Click & drag to repair the photograph.
[Unfinished | Not elegible for jam site contests] A game about capturing fleeting moments with your phone's camera, inspired by the beach town I call home.
With the advent of emails and texting, carrier pigeons have long been out of work. Play as a pigeon starting their new job as a transcriber and use your beak to type out messages left on your desk.
Using a magical megaphone, take to the streets and encourage your community to support your cause.
Teddy Roosevelt is on an epic safari to preserve wildlife forever - through the miracle of modern taxidermy!
Seek revenge against evil mimes and restore the color they stole from the world!