Ashley Lynn Watts

Past Games

Future Passing By is a coop puzzle game in which a girl from a dystopian future gets help from a man from the past in order to solve puzzles and travel through the environment.
In a distant galaxy far, far away… a group of astronauts brave the elements to harness the energy of solar flares.
I released the music from the GGJ Soundtrack alongside a couple of covers this year... Good Stuff.
So it finally happened; you just got dumped. It doesn’t take long for your ex to get back on the horse and find someone that they deemed better than you. But lucky for you, you know how to science! Instead of wallowing in self-pity, you built a device which gives you the ability to transmit messages to other planets. You can know let the whole galaxy know that you are single and ready to mingle! However, between you and your future alien soulmate are obstacles with full intent on blocking your romantic transmissions. Don’t let a bunch of asteroids, black holes, and ruthless space pirates stop you from finding that special someone who is literally “out of this world!” This Actually Took Place in 2018 xD But GGJ Website didn't go up that high in options.
Awaken Follows the daily routine of a god as he prepares for his otherworldly duties. The Soundtrack can be found here:
I made a single song for this game in just 2 hours!!!