Past Games

Print the single page material and play with your phone in this Augmented Reality Game ! You are the manager of a Lost & Found office for haunted objetcs in the virtual ghost realm. Help ghost
A man must repair his memories in order to remember what happend to him ...
Play with up to four friends and carry a safe zone through a maze to keep your friends safe while they protect you from zombies.
Send satellites in orbit around planets, link the emitter with a receiver via the satellites to transmit data.
Poney Wave is an infinite runner where you play a poney in a colorful rainbow space path. Use the Spacebar to make it go up. Each sides of the path in space are altered by any sound coming from the
Cooperative HIVE Game where player order cultist to organize them in order to proceed to powerfull ritual bringing massive power.
Jump over obstacles using the poping buttons at the right time by switching between the differents states: Wood, Rock and Steam.. The charm of this game is that those buttons never appear in the appr
Change your shape and change the world around you as you try to overcome the obstacles to reach your goal.