Past Games

Repair porcelain pieces with glue by coordinating your hands.
It's a Overcooked like game, but instead of receiving orders of food, you receive orders of people to fix.
Emotional Repair is needed! People are getting more upset and you must share free hugs around to make them happy once more.
Jack is an adventurer beyond his time, when he sleeps he travels to another time!
Um jogo sobre divórcio, uma nova casa e um recomeço.
A Tribal Rhythm Game. A long time ago at LIS Island there was confrontation between the three Tribes to set the official rhythm of the Island.
Black Chiken Runner: Escape! You are a black chicken who's on the run to be used as a sacrifice in a ritual. Galinha Preta Runner: Fuja!
"Any problem you have, you can solve visiting the Humbly Magnificent Pawnshop of Baron Rasdajamamah!