Arhi Makkonen

Past Games

Lockdown Diaries is a puzzle game where the player decrypts corrupted messages from their friends. The player decrypts messages by flipping over the letter tiles.
The world has gone to dirt and you are our last hope. Communications tower requires more power.
Popular phone, among skeletons, got broke. You need to repair it by finding the broken parts from the schematics, but you have only three extra parts. Try to find where the malfunction starts from!
I've always loved the feeling of when you wake up in a cabin on a crispy morning, and the first thing you need do is start to warm the house. This is a goodnight game for my godchild Elena, wh
Jack is a one man crew in a middle of fearsome stormy sea. Sadly all the herring crates are all messed up in a cargo hold. For Jack the rising storm makes a perfect partner to the task.
Once in a century the planets are aligned. In that moment the powerful rituals to summon old gods has to be done.
Guide your partner through a platformer they can't see. Two players, two screens. Move window to both screens.
Unhuman is gloomy point&click game. --- "I was departed from earth in April 2016. My task was simply to salvage two inert satellites, which had floated useless in orbit since the Cold War.