Past Games

You play as a nanobot trying to destroy the virus of the host. The virus comes in many shapes with different abilities, so use what controls you have to Kill, Dodge and Run in circles hoping they wil
The sun is setting over the valley, and Åshild the milkmaid is cooking her supper before bed.
Rich has to prove his manhood by interpretive dance or something. We're not quite sure yet. Maybe it's a reaction formation due to childhood stress?
Jessie and Jane two soon to be mothers are having a relaxing trip to the mountains ,suddenly their water breaks simultaneously....
World domination
In Infinite Stroke you control an excessively overweight slob by controlling the heartbeats of his failing heart. You control the heart with the A and D buttons. Failing to beat his heart in a stable pattern will lead to his death. When you're doing well his speed will increase. That's not enough, you have to avoid all the dangers that come in your way by either jumping or sliding with the arrow-keys. Can you handle multi-tasking heartbeats and platformer action? Why is the excessively overweight slob running you say? Because he should, and so should you.