Past Games

This is a CYOA game of extreme mystery.
Control a legendary unicorn or dragon as they explore a dungeon in an attempt to find a magical item that will help them get back what they have lost.
Rebuild the scraps of a destroyed underwater city. Place spawn points so shark workers arrive and start construction! Windows controls: WASD to move camera, Q and E to zoom in and out.
Build a home for Frogster. The PC Player has an isometric view of the world, and they can place objects onto the map.
Use your magical music waves to destroy enemies! WASD to move. If its daytime you left click to wave and talk to people. If its nighttime left click to attack, and when your sound meter is full use
Stop the cultists from finishing the ritual and summoning the evil lord! -Use WASD or Arrow keys to move -The cultists with big lanterns are trying to catch you, avoid them. -The cultists with cand