Past Games

Join Sir Toebeans in his medieval mayhem adventure! The game is inspired by real longsword fencing techniques, where the aim of the game is to attack and defend at the same time!
A platformer where a frog needs to get back to his witch
Revitalize a long forgotten alien planet and breathe new life into it.
Home is the way you choose to live your life. A Room with a View is a party game where you must keep your house in balance as rooms accumulate all around you.
A mage, a tank and a rogue walk into an inn, only it's not an inn - it's a 3D isometric death trap.
You're an escort. Your job is to flash. It's deep. It's dark. It's disco.
"The Passage" is a co-op hybrid puzzle game, during which you and your manual-wielding companion must traverse an ancient temple's labyrinth as a rite of passage.

Hearty Games