Antti Väänänen1

Past Games

A monster is stealing your wine vintage collection - fight it by jumping back in time and digging the ground under it's feet!
WARNING! This is a horror game! It's late night at the Code Monkeys Inc. offices. You are working late hours because the code your co-worker made has to be fixed.
After an endlessly long night shift, you're desperate to get some shut-eye. But wait, what was that sound? This cannot stand. All sounds must be silenced - for good.
The Communist live TV was made to show the best side of the government. Off the camera, however, the battle was a violent one: Anarchists are out there to tell the world the truth.
Climate change is real... and you're in charge of it! Embrace the flame, cover everything in ice, or maintain a futile balance for as long as you can.