Anton Shumin

Past Games

Rythym game where you press 2 buttons on the beat of the music. Where the objects look like 0 and 1.
Race through a 80's Neon landscape.
Somewhere in a pond far far away, two ducks , 1 pool That is one duck too much! Let the fight begin! Competitive multiplayer, fast action, addictive gameplay, we have it all all.
Ever wondered what you should do when a giant asteroid is on the verge of roasting your planet?
Global Game Jam Simulatar is a super realistic game development sim. You need to survive the next 48 hours without dying from starvation, no sleep, not enough procrastination or being too full of p
Our minds shape how we see the world and act on it. But what happens when you look through the mind of someone who gets labeled with a ‘mental disorder’?