Antoine Schmoll

Past Games

Welcome to GOBAL! As you know, we are a green company; at least, in spirit. Journalist will be visiting the facilities today: make sure they only see the good parts. And if they don't...
Fast-paced 2 players versus game where you have to conquer planets as fast as possible and finish with more robots in your hold than in you adversary's when the timer ends.
Coloc Duty is a collaborative and competitive online deckbuilding game about room sharing and community life. Maintain your flat's mood and hygiene, and be the last to pay the rent.
Un jeu où l'on contrôle 2 personnages (une petite fille et un animal imaginaire) et qui doivent s'entraider pour progresser le niveau en libérant des passages inaccessible ou permettant d�
2D versus platformer for 2-4 players like Smash Bros and Towerfall where jumpy kawaii gods fights in stages which vibrates to the music and/or the microphone.
Don't chicken out ! Rebel against your sacrifice to the Evil Lord. But you're still a chicken ! Just move, avoid and step on runes to launch dreadful attacks !
A runner game with no running. One team, four lives. Keep the team going and unveil each other's story. But things happen in life. And then, what do we do now ?