Anshul Gupta

Past Games

Battle beetle is third person flying bullet hell game with a little touch of exploration element to it.
We have all lost a lot during the pandemic. More than we should have. And it's all the fault of the politicians who acted too little too late.
The dilemma to do what you feel right and be righteous is what causes most relationships to sink. Same is the story of Simran (an aspiring writer) and Samar (a pilot).
A BOT is stuck with a malfunctioning core where it only functions on the last code uploaded to it. The BOT is meant to reach out far places and collect samples.
Fight between two neighbouring homes. May the best home win! This is a two player couch co op made for Windows PC. You need two controllers to play it.
A real estate agent whose life revolves around the question of "What does home really mean to you?".
reSync is about creating a harmonic wave pattern. reSync is more of an experiential game. P.S .: It is best enjoyed with headphones.
The War of Rites is about consequences that come from choices.
A clan war between the Magicians and the Tribals resulted in mass destruction of life and property and the consequences were that only a single member from both the clans survived. They experience a