Past Games

Protect the holy barbecue shrine of the shrimperium against the evil forces of the Su-Shi empire.
*Train of Thought* is a visual novel mixed with a side scrolling autorun platformer, in which the player is picking dialogue options for the main character ------------------------------------------
Home is where the heart is. And sometimes, home lacks that special something. And who can blame you for trying to make your home a little closer to what you feel it should be?
In a World of cybercrime and corruption, become the MASTER OF ALL EVIL. Starting from your Basement, spread evil and fish data and get the money of the innocent.
Once upon a time, a sandcastle was built by a little boy. Poseidon saw it as an insult which he wanted to destroy. He sent his waves and crabs to fight, but underestimated the plastic shovel'

Hearty Games