Past Games

RoboLazerz is a competitive strategic board game. The game is composed of a 5x5 board and a deck of 60 tiles. Each player starts with a hand of three tiles randomly drawn from the deck. The initial
A game about magnets and ballz. Two players compete over the control of magnets on an obstacle course to guide their metal ball to the finish line. The twist?
This competitive storytelling game borrows from the mechanics of Dixit, using instead words as prompts for sentence formation and linguistic creativity. In every round, one player acts as the story
The Aliens' Last Stand is a four player co-operative game of survival against the board, but with a twist: one player can see the upcoming threat and transmit information to other players using a
Build and repair the spaceship you are trapped on with other aliens.
Storylines is a story-telling party game. The players come up with parts of a story using writing prompts combined with words chosen by the players. Players win by having their words chosen as t
Intervention is an assymetrical card game for two players: a 'depressed' player and a 'caregiver' player.